Friend Feature: Q & A with Tylia L. Flores

The only goal I've ever possessed in launching Molly's Zone and in being a disability advocate is to inspire and empower others, whether they were able-bodied or not. I want anyone who has a dream to pursue it to the fullest extent; keep the Lord in everything you do and never compromise your spirit. My blog has served as part of my testimony. My fervent love and faith in Jesus Christ and my many adventures as a disability advocate continue to be chronicled on Molly's Zone.

I have never wished for Molly's Zone to be all about Molly. I have had the pleasure to meet so many fellow writers who are truly talented and empowering individuals. I want to give others a chance to share their stories as well.

I am honored to introduce one of my friends from the writing world that I have loved knowing. She is so young, and so very cool. In today's blog post, I am featuring Tylia L. Flores. She is a published fiction author, and a fellow advocate for those with disabilities. W…

June: The Adventure Kickoff

Summers are often seen as times of adventure and the month of June for me was just that; I feel as though it truly ended as quickly as it had arrived. "Molly's Zone" went through a bit of a hiatus as I went through a dry period. I wasn't feeling inspired. June was a great month full of new opportunity for Miss Molly. I am just now getting around to sharing my month with you all, and I apologize. I mulled over a post to help kick off the summer just right in these past several weeks & my adventure into the new realm of writing that is grant writing seemed to fit the mold of exciting experiences to share.

The training happened during the first week of June, and I truly learned so much valuable information. I am a woman of many goals, and grant writing has forever made my bucket list of writing career goals. I learned all about the different forms of grants, where to look for them, and how to sharpen my ability to play with words in order to write a successful gran…

A Mother & A Daughter

A mother and a daughter What’s to be said about those two? A bond so deep, so pure Similar souls and trials lived through
A mother and a daughter How many memories we’ve had Abundantly countless in measure Our days together are ones I treasure
No one can love me the way you do Except for Jesus, and I’m thankful He gave me to you Unconditionally and forever That’s you and I A mother and daughter

Yes, I Am A Christian

Yes, I am a Christian, and I’m here to stand and say That Jesus is who I live for every single day. I don’t claim to be perfect. My life has been filled with stumbles and falls. I’m glad I have a friend who’s always there to answer my calls.
Yes, I am a Christian, and I’m here to spread the Word About a man of whom some have not yet heard He is my strength, my hope, and my light Who gives me these words I so passionately write.
Yes, I am a Christian Who will always need His guidance. The touch of His hands, His loyalty through thick and thin

Begin Again

Creators of art often lead lives that release the energy of intrinsic motivation; whether it be through a piece of music, an entire album, a painting, or the feelings evoked from the beauty of a simple word: art is derived from inspiration.

The question we are left to ponder is simple: where or what introduces such creators to that immense feeling and undeniable deepness in their soul? What creates art with such grit and passion?

The loss of our creative edge for even the smallest amounts of moments can serve to prepare us for newfound boldness; creative blackouts undoubtedly strengthen our shine and works to plunge us right into the positive realm of being our most passionate selves; refocused and relatable; as we create work to be felt and enjoyed.

A visionary of any particular artistry must be relatable. The best inspiration often derives from a pure, unrestricted, and passionate soul. A liberation in its truest form.

All you have to do is decide to begin again.

What Jesus Means to Me (Easter 2018)

Spring has once again made its presence known, despite the fact that it has remained snowy and cold; with this season change comes the time in which we celebrate Easter. Capturing the essence of the holiday may at the surface find people immersed in Easter egg hunts, chocolate bunnies, or baskets filled with a variety of candies.

The true reason behind this day is the celebration of Jesus Christ's resurrection. He is my Lord and Savior, my best friend,  and the whole reason I am who I am. I have to spend some time on the blog just praising Him for all the work He's done in my life. He's been with me through every part of my journey, and I am so eternally grateful.

I wanted to share just a few of the many ways in which He's brought joy and light into my life.

1)My personal relationship with Him- I accepted Christ as my Savior on June 24, 2004 and my life has never been the same; it has continued so beautifully. I gained so much more than I expected: a forever friend, u…

A New Diagnosis & A New Life

Cerebral palsy is a part of my life that has made me no stranger to the frequent obstacle; I have grown accustomed to having to continuously adapt as I encounter situations that arise; to speak up for myself when it is necessary.

Even when it means dealing with situations that are terrifying to face.

My health issues began late this past August. I had started to feel a bit run down, but I attributed that to the simple fact that I had been writing and working a lot as my career had started to grow and I was becoming busier than I had ever been.

I kept pushing forward, as it's what my mom would do. You're okay, I thought. You're doing a lot more and your body is adjusting. I logically reasoned that cerebral palsy was the main cause, so I remained quiet to most and continued living my life.

During this time, I caught pharyngitis for a second time. I had experienced this a year prior and thought nothing of its return; it is an inflammation of the pharynx and while it involved…