Remember Your Roots

I want to shed light on a recurring thought in passing that I've had recently in regards to living out faith and residing in these current times. Societal nature is endlessly filled with trees that exude an energy of nothing but darkness, greed, and selfishness. The metaphor of trees can also be likened to that of the human race, as I'm meaning to do in the writing of these words today

Everyone has roots. We all withhold unique stories that tell of our past experiences and present attitudes. The way we live our lives and conduct ourselves often imply our backgrounds without us speaking a syllable. Silence is remarkably powerful.

The question I have for everyone today is simple: What are your roots made up of? As each day passes, do you strive to remember what's most important in your life?

We all tend to set our sights on 'climbing to the top' however the world allows us to from time to time, whether it be at our workplace, in our aspirations, our marriages, or our…

Let Him Lead You

Molly's Zone has always held a special significance in my heart & the creation of the blog itself has always been my favorite blessing story to tell to anyone who will listen. A month has passed since my last entry, and that truly bothers me. The last few postings I feel were not done with true power or true heavenly light in mind. Writing became a chore that I eventually stopped doing because of the ugly demon that has consumed me for the longest year of my life.


I have battled this monster for over ten years, and I have to say this year has been the hardest fall. Luckily, depression was not mixed into it this time. I just became this tangled web of health anxiety, overwhelming stress, and OCD thoughts. A psychologically toxic mix.

You know what always has the power to pull me out of such times?


Through prayer, I was led to watch a past church service that truthfully spoke to my heart; I found myself wanting to ask my readers this question?

How many of us let…

He is Enough

Life has a way of bringing us through the most interesting and powerful experiences that serve to teach us the most invaluable lessons that perhaps we didn't know we needed to learn; at the end of it all though we know that experiencing such a time sharpens our faith and awareness of the darkness devouring this world and its inhabitants. A recent season of my own journey awakened such a realization as this in my soul.

A soul is a highly impressionable; humans these days seem to latch onto whatever is acceptable in the world and I've noticed this especially among the youth of today.We pay mind to Satan's carefully crafted lie that who we are or what we are doing for Christ is not enough. We always want to do whatever we think will make us happy; not realizing that the life God gave us is priceless and precious; that He is enough for us; that the smallest of a life is a blessing. We forget to have appreciation for what we do have. We start to feel as if nothing is enough fo…

My 100th Blog Post!

One hundred blogs. I can't tell you the days I have spent waiting for that number to appear beside the label of published posts. Life sure has been a wild, wonderful, and interesting journey during these past three years of blogging! I have more coming for you all either tomorrow or early next week. I haven't spent time deeply working on  blog material right now, as I am just enjoying being home and all cozy.

However, I have been working on some fiction. A fun, side project.

I cannot believe it's November. I have a couple topics in mind for the coming weeks, so be on the lookout for them! I haven't got that many words swirling in my head today, but I do want to say a huge thank you to all of my readers for supporting me through all of my adventures. I am so thankful for Jesus who gave me the platform to begin with; I wouldn't be traveling the road of life that I am on if it weren't for Him. I am thankful for the blessings and gifts He gave me.

Happy 100th blog…

Will You Speak Your Mind? (Food for Thought Series Part 3)

Life continues to be my most thorough of teachers; at 26 years old, I have traveled down unimagined paths and have grown immensely through the numbers of lessons that have been revealed to me. I have experienced meltdowns of a sort, and have always risen from them a better human being.

The most valuable lesson that I feel God has been trying to push through my stubborn,  yet soft spoken head is to speak my mind whenever I feel there is a need. I think He has finally gotten through to me, as I have started to branch out of my shell a little more than I used to. I have been dabbling with sharing my honest thoughts; I have a sense of empowerment from seeing them being noticed and seeing that no one thinks any less of me.

Always do whatever you can to help yourself have that peace of mind; don't let Satan and his tool of anxiety and fear stop you from enjoying your life. I know he attempted to stop me from writing regularly and I gave in for a while, but I am once again back at it fu…

3 Reasons Why Labels Shouldn't Exist

We live in a world so greatly polluted by the misuse of labels that it has become a painfully rare occurrence to stumble upon someone who simply identifies as a man or a woman. The saddest realization I’ve come to have is that not only do people place labels on others unfairly, but people among the disability community also sometimes unhealthily label themselves. Society passively encourages its inhabitants to believe and trust that all they are or have the potential to be is determined by which disability or health condition they might possess. We as people have been deceived by the notion that acceptance means carrying the label; what happened to living as just a human being? I detest labels and I would like to delve into three of the main reasons why I believe no one should use any label for any reason. I’ve seen this madness play out daily on my social media feeds, in the news, and everywhere else. People are being labeled for anything in the world and I want the nonsense to stop…

Will You Hold Onto Your Faith? (Food For Thought Series Part 2)

Faith is a HUGE component of living to the fullest extent for Christ. Sometimes, we as humans get in the habit of talking about how much faith we have, but do we really hold onto it tight enough? Do we pray enough? Do we thank the Lord enough for all that we have?

Most importantly, are we considering Him in every choice we choose?

I think we can all say there are times we stumble. But you know what? He still loves us unconditionally and that is something I'm thankful for. I have come to know that when I don't lean on Him enough, my life can quickly seem like it's spiraling out of control. My life story theme seems to be the one of craving acceptance; I don't know exactly why. Logically, I know He's enough, but somewhere there's always this little voice that says I'm not enough and I'm not worthy of anything. Satan loves to try to persuade us that what we think of ourselves, or what others opinions of us are carry so much more importance than what God s…