Will You Take A Stand? (Food For Thought Series Part 1)

The past year has served as an unexpected opportunity for personal growth in my life. The serious journey of discovering my self worth in Christ has always been something I've never fully committed to, until now. I've mainly focused on my desire to "fit in" somewhere and never fully being invested in the joy of just living comfortably as who I am. I think we all as humans can say this battle resides in our lives in some form. But, I know it has been especially prevalent in my life. I'm horrible about doing what I want to do, instead of following what Christ wants me to do. He loves all of us, so why is it we sometimes try to be something we're not? The anxiety and built up tension I felt from living that way has surely negatively affected my soul, and it is time that I take back control. These are thoughts I have had and in writing them down, I decided to flip the perspective around and use them to help someone else who might be struggling with the same thin…

3 Years Later: The Blessing of Molly's Zone

September 1st saw the arrival of the 3rd birthday of my most precious blessing that is my blog, Molly's Zone. The passage of time and its speed grow remarkably fast as one grows older; it is hard to fathom that I am right on the brink of hitting the 100th blog post milestone. Craziness! The lessons of life and the countless stories we grow to possess as we walk with the Lord are truly amazing; the joys and the unexpected blessings we receive due to answered prayers are nothing short of incredible.

Molly's Zone is a special treasure for me; its not just a blog, but an integral part of my testimony of faith. The most riveting part of my life story. One of the greatest examples of God working in my life that I had the pleasure of experiencing. 

I've lived and evolved so very much in the span of just three years--I've seen the world and have come to know no greater everlasting joy than that of serving my Lord and Savior. No lasting joy lies within the darkness and evil th…

July Update Part 1: AZYLF/DC Experience & Wisdom Growth

July proved to serve as an extremely busy period of time in my life; the two week adventure in which I embarked on truly enlightened me and taught me so many invaluable life lessons and allowed me to view myself and the resilient truth of my inner warrior; I was shown that I am strong, beautiful, and lovable just the way that I am. I am a soul filled with creativity & ambition. I am weird. I am me.

In this week's post on Molly's Zone, I wanted to fill you in on the happenings of my July and give a taste of the freedom that I experienced through personal soul searching, new experiences, and the reflections I have gathered from the simple discovery and acceptance of all that I am. I have a disability, but it will never have me. Below are some of the precious sentiments I learned from the journey.

1) I Am Quiet, and That's Perfectly Fine-  My introverted nature appears to linger as a hard wired component that is inside of my soul and through the many experiences I had in…

Take Care of YOU: The Importance of Self-Care

Self care is of utmost importance to the human race no matter who you are. Finding a healthy balance between long work hours and a fast paced home life can prove to be overwhelming; we all need a moment to enjoy some stress free  “me” time. Many forms of self care exist, and there is no wrong way to relax and provide yourself with that much needed brief escape from reality. I chose to touch on the few ways I love to unwind after an extremely hectic week; especially for those who travel a lot, I thought this piece would serve as something resourceful. Bath Bombs–  Bath bombs are a relatively new, but popular trend that has made an appearance during the past few years. I love bath bombs; they have become a personal top favorite method. In my world, I crave solitude as a natural introvert and I have found that the best way to achieve that is by soaking in a hot tub full of bubbles and a bath bomb full of aromatic pleasure.Exercise–  I love my treadmill, and believe it or not, exercise do…

Friend Feature: Q & A with Tylia L. Flores

The only goal I've ever possessed in launching Molly's Zone and in being a disability advocate is to inspire and empower others, whether they were able-bodied or not. I want anyone who has a dream to pursue it to the fullest extent; keep the Lord in everything you do and never compromise your spirit. My blog has served as part of my testimony. My fervent love and faith in Jesus Christ and my many adventures as a disability advocate continue to be chronicled on Molly's Zone.

I have never wished for Molly's Zone to be all about Molly. I have had the pleasure to meet so many fellow writers who are truly talented and empowering individuals. I want to give others a chance to share their stories as well.

I am honored to introduce one of my friends from the writing world that I have loved knowing. She is so young, and so very cool. In today's blog post, I am featuring Tylia L. Flores. She is a published fiction author, and a fellow advocate for those with disabilities. W…

June: The Adventure Kickoff

Summers are often seen as times of adventure and the month of June for me was just that; I feel as though it truly ended as quickly as it had arrived. "Molly's Zone" went through a bit of a hiatus as I went through a dry period. I wasn't feeling inspired. June was a great month full of new opportunity for Miss Molly. I am just now getting around to sharing my month with you all, and I apologize. I mulled over a post to help kick off the summer just right in these past several weeks & my adventure into the new realm of writing that is grant writing seemed to fit the mold of exciting experiences to share.

The training happened during the first week of June, and I truly learned so much valuable information. I am a woman of many goals, and grant writing has forever made my bucket list of writing career goals. I learned all about the different forms of grants, where to look for them, and how to sharpen my ability to play with words in order to write a successful gran…

A Mother & A Daughter

A mother and a daughter What’s to be said about those two? A bond so deep, so pure Similar souls and trials lived through
A mother and a daughter How many memories we’ve had Abundantly countless in measure Our days together are ones I treasure
No one can love me the way you do Except for Jesus, and I’m thankful He gave me to you Unconditionally and forever That’s you and I A mother and daughter